Zombie Coin Team Protests and Claims $ 100 Million to John McAfee

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The South China Zombie Research Center (SCZRC) threatens to sue the US presidential candidate of 2020,  John McAfee , and claims $ 100 million. McAfee would have waived the conditions initially agreed through the Zombie Coin Cryptocurrency Project white paper (CZcoin).

SCZRC shocked by McAfee’s behavior

SCZRC has invested $ 4.5 million to promote the Zombie Coin’s Initial License Offering (ILO) . This is cryptocurrency dedicated to the zombies of iconic crypto-industry personality John McAfee.

However, the American influencer denigrated the Chinese firm behind the virtual money project through the white paper that he partially wrote and published. McAfee appears to have waived the terms agreed between the two partners and breached its obligations to the South China Zombie Research Center.

According to a threat tweet from SCZRC:

“We demand $ 100 million from Mr McAfee. It damages our work and endangers the whole world. While we have paid a lot of money from the start, it does not give us what we need. It’s a problem “.

A misunderstanding between McAfee and the research center

McAfee was quick to respond to threats from the SCZRC saying it was a huge misunderstanding caused by the agency’s misunderstanding. The South China Zombie Research Center misunderstood the “nuanced humor” of the influencer, including a few passages.

McAfee described the Zombie Coin virtual currency as “the most absurd concept in the history of cryptocurrencies” in the white paper. The idea of ​​such a project could only come from a “mentally deficient four-year-old child,” he added.

The controversial personality of the Bitcoin industry has even advised against investing in his own cryptocurrency with what he calls humor:

“Even if someone pointed a gun to my temple, I could not make a more positive statement: DO NOT INSIDE THIS SH * TCOIN !! In all circumstances, at any time and for any reason.

What do you think of the disagreement between the South China Zombie Research Center and John McAfee? Is this an advertising operation?  React in the comments below.

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