Zilliqa strengthens its security system via Chain Security

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Very meticulous in securing its ecosystem, Zilliqa , one of the fastest Blockchains in the world, increases its performance by concluding a partnership agreement with Chain Security.

A new control tool will see the light of day soon

At the end of this partnership, Chain Security will work on creating a framework for direct analysis of the source code of a project, such as that of Zilliqa.

The project would be implemented by a tool that can solve several bugs , by acting on the different control flows, data and information processed by the Blockchain.

However, this technology alone can not be used to review the code, and the execution of this task by the developers is still difficult.

As a full-fledged security scanner, it would also benefit smart contracts, where vulnerabilities are most prevalent.

A longstanding collaboration

In sealing this partnership, Petar Tsankov, the co-founder of Chain Security, pointed out that this is not the first collaboration between the two entities.

It is explained in these terms:

“The collaboration between the Chain Security and Zilliqa teams dates back to 2017, when we performed for the first time a Zilliqa token security audit. And we look forward to continuing to collaborate with this team and bring our know-how into creating advanced security tools for its ecosystem. “

Amrit Kumar, chairman of Zilliqa, mentions the key role Chain Security plays in the growth of the company, especially to reduce the vulnerabilities inherent in the system.

“We believe that such collaborations will support our growing community and our corporate partners, while setting a higher benchmark for safety standards across the industry,” he adds.

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