Why Does Flippa Sucks!


Why Flippa Sucks!

Reasons why flippa sucks:

As a seller:

  • They take a fee to list, DP does not.
  • They charge $ to upgrade your listing.
  • They take a cut of the final sale.
  • The comment policy is retarded, people will troll and flame your site before it even has bids.
  • They force you to use escrow, which has much bigger fees than paypal, this is beacsue they take a commission everytime escrow is used.
  • The feedback system sucks too, get ready for negatives.

As A Buyer:

Flippa is pretty good for buyers.  Of courses like any other marketplace, You just need to know what you are buying and then judge if you think the price is reasonable.


Alternative for flippa:

WebsiteCellar.com is trying to create an alternative.  They have a slow start yes but its very hard to get started.  Encourage them by placing free listing!

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