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What is Empowr? Is Empowr a scam? Why are all the Empowr Review videos positive when this seems like a huge scam?

This shady company Empowr is just another name for a scam that has gone on for years.

This is not to be confused with the Empower Network which is also a scam but is an MLM network marketing business.

Empowr is more of a (PTC) or paid to click website for fabricated social proof. This is not necessarily a bad thing but they way they run this company is.

I’m sure if you have done any research on this scheme you most of the time ran into positive Empowr reviews.

You will find many people promoting this program as they want you to think that it’s legit and go through their link to sign up.

There is nothing wrong necessarily with suggesting a link as that is affiliate marketing but when you promote a scam that is where things start going wrong.

Members of the Empowr community are rarely making money unless they’re friends with the owner or paid to promote it.



This is made by the same person who made the scam Fanbox. The owner Michael Pousti and Brandie Williams have run scams for a while now. This program reminds me of Traffic Monsoon and Traffic Authority.

This site is made to look like yet again another startup when really it’s the same company that has scammed people under the radar for years.

This business started as SMS.ac
then changed to Fanbox
then changed to Project uplift
and now it’s called Empowr
Well, at least for now. Until something else goes wrong or they get too any pissed off customers and employees.

Empowr is just the newest name for the same old scam. 

You should really take a look at what ol Mr. Pousti has been up to. If you look into all of his companies and the complaints you start to realize that this is just nothing more than a clever and well crafted scam. This scam just keeps changing its name when things get bad and keeps on a chugging along with the same trick.

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What Is Empowr Exactly?

Well it’s supposed to be an environment where you can share other people’s posts,pictures and other social media signal tasks.

You can supposedly earn points to get social shares from others. This is a neat idea BUT there is a HUGE problem…They don’t intend to really get shares to your social profiles and they don’t intend to pay you.

They use the sneaky trick of the (IPL) or the “I’ll Pay later” function to get people to think they have earned a lot of money, that I will discuss more further down in this article.

Then when they use that money to promote and pay later they will have to pay money to get it out and is typically much more than the money you actually earn.

If you do happen to get a little chunk of money say $40 bucks, you can try to cash it out and they will first tell you to wait until it matures in 90 days.

Then they will just leave it pending in your account and not pay you. Then when you ask them why, they can give you a multitude of different excuses… This is why they’re system is so confusing.

So Empowr is mainly just the same thing as Fanbox with a facelift and a coat of lipstick. It just has a newer interface and name, some extra features like a guage that gets you excited to try to get it to go into the green and promote more.

So really empowr is up to the same ol tricks but wants you to focus on its neat appearance and forget about all that scamming they did before.
There is some confusing videos making it look effortless when really it’s built to be confusing and misleading.



The funny thing about this program is they make you feel that it’s connected to Facebook when really it is just a group of people on Empowr. This means that everybody that sees and shares your posts are just Fanbox members and they’re rarely buyers or real people looking for your content.

This is to promote your link but many of the people are just promoting it inside of Empowr making Empowr bigger but doing nothing for your link. This is a huge hamster wheel for marketers to get stuck in trying to get that money in their account, while also getting shares on their profiles.

Many think they are getting value when really it is all a clever trick to get the community to look active and make people build up their accounts. When members of Empowr want to get paid they need to pay money, they will not tell you in the beginning.

They will make it seem small but when you figure out this program is doing nothing but shaving little bits of money from people little by little you realize that you have wasted months if not years getting scammed slowly.

Empowr The Owner To Make Millions While You Get Shafted

They’re consistently not paying people as well, even when you earn enough to get a payout.

So like I have said earlier this company has done the same thing for years but just keeps switching their name to avoid people catching on to quickly. This is why when you search around you will not see a lot of negative reviews about Empowr like you will with Fanbox, cause Fanbox was around for a while and Empowr was just recently set up.

Many people will not figure out this is a scam until they have invested loads of time. They will start to notice by then that they have made nothing and many will just either forget or move on without telling anybody. the people who do talk bad about the program they focus on out ranking you with fake positive reviews.

So they will supposedly pay you out in 90 days if you get money after doing a bunch of tasks on social media. Whats the catch? Once that 90 days comes around they figure out a way to take that money or if you want it they charge you more than it’s worth.

They say you have money in your account for doing nothing, so you think it’s awesome but you have to cross the threshold first and then you have to pay to get your money out and it usually costs more than the money you will be getting paid.

They have shown that Fanbox (Empowr’s Previous name) is a scam and they still have people saying how great they are with their accounts having a few thousand in them but that is not what you will be getting paid.

When Fanbox would tell you they will pay you there is a big problem. They used something called IPL which is “I’ll PAY Later” which is a fake credit loan. They put this fake credit in your Fanbox account and auto activate it without your knowledge.

There are then people who use these credits thinking that they earned them and are free. These credits don’t even get the traffic you were promised and you first have to pay back your IPL account.

Nothing Like Paying To Get Free Money

They make it look like a higher amount like $50 dollars but then put you owe from using “I’ll pay you later” feature, $48 bucks.

Most of the time people will not notice and they think that they’re paying a fee to get $50 dollars when really they pay a fee to get $2 dollars and they typically wont even pay that.

Then you also wont get the money most of the time if not 100% of the time. I’m assuming that they pay some or they would have everybody screaming scam instantly.

Since they make you wait so long and then mix in a bunch of payment stipulations, it hard for anybody to prove that they own them as they will just say that you did something wrong. They can and will get away with it so take extreme caution.

Yes you can sign up for free but if you want that $1-2 dollars that they will actually pay, typically you will have to pay more to get that money out.

Lets say you boosted some stuff with your IPL fund where you can use your fanbox credit money to boost some things but then they charge you.

Lets say you made $53.00 boosing in your earnings and to get to that point you had to use $51.00 from IPL.

They will charge you $1 for activation which you don’t even want or Authorize. Then lets say you supposedly have around $2 bucks for cash out but you just have to wait 90 days for that to mature.

They then later wont even pay you for that. If they do you typically have to pay more than you actually are earning, to get it out as the amounts are so small.

It will show you have big amounts like $2k-$5k+ in your account this is what hooks people when they watch affiliates promote this scam.  You really do not even have access to this money. It’s just there to get you excited and make you feel like it works.

When you request to “cash out,” you will not get it. It will just sit there, pending and there will be many excuses. They put it in the fine print of their terms of service.

Here is a video of someone showing how Empowr won’t pay up.

Remember they did this with Fanbox also here is another video of someone showing how Fanbox ripped them off as well. What makes the Empowr Scam any different, as they are the same owners.


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