Wave of flower thefts in Granby


At least four businesses in downtown Granby have been hit by unusual burglaries in recent weeks. Flowerpots, herbs and earthen flowers placed outside their establishments were stolen.

“It’s done very clean. They came with shovels. It’s meant to be replanted. This is not vandalism, “says Jacques Fontaine, owner of the salon Maurice.

Its business, the Théâtre de l’Ancien Rectory, the caterer Marmiton and the Maison Montcalm florist are among the businesses targeted by these green-thumb thieves.


Although the value of the stolen goods is low, these burglaries could discourage traders from replanting these plants, whose main purpose is to beautify the neighborhood.

“It’s just unpleasant. If we have others stolen by the end of the summer, we will not put any more. It’s a shame, “laments Martin Gougeon, owner of the Théâtre de l’Ancien Presbytère.

The Granby Police Service has also indicated that no complaint has yet been filed concerning these events.

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