WarField: win crypto-currencies by playing video games!

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A new online shooter, WAR FIELD, allows players to acquire crypto-currencies through an integrated Blockchain. Taking part in video games becomes profitable for participants who can use the GOLDER token (GLDR). The sale of the WARFELD GLDR chips began June 28th.

A dream come true

“What better than getting paid for playing video games? It’s the dream of the players. WAR FIELD does not have the best graphics and does not give players something completely new. It’s an exciting and fast online game, one of the most popular in the world. It gives everyone a chance to win something real that they can then withdraw and sell. “WAR FIELD may be of interest to players who want to make money, although it is not the first of its kind. Andrius Mironovskis, founder and CEO of WAR FIELD said:

Players will be free to win, withdraw and redeem the Golder token in the same way as Bitcoin or Ether (ETH), according to the company press release.

The choice of WAR FIELD for a shooter was obvious. This type of game is among those with the largest market share in the industry with more than $ 116 billion, according to an estimate in 2017. The annual growth of the market reaches 10 to 12% , which is considerable .

However, the company’s most ambitious project involves a plethora of video games added to the Golder platform. She uses the Unity game engine in order to become multiplatform.

The “fully functional” alpha version of the game is already available on PC , while the Xbox and PlayStation versions will only go on sale in 2019. “Our goal is nothing less than to create a global gaming-based economy. on the Blockchains, which allows players to fully monetize their skills, “ added Mironovskis.

How the game works

Each player can win the GLDR tokens of his opponents when he manages to “kill” or “hurt”, knowing that the additional protective equipment reduces the number of injuries.

Tokens can also be used as a payment method for weapons, armor, medical kits, clothing or style improvements. Players are free to use their GLDR as a participation fee for WAR FIELD special events, tournaments and other competitions.

Also, all transactions will be recorded on the internal Blockchain of the game. But the latter do not require any transaction fees, which greatly reduces costs.

Any unauthorized changes will be automatically reported automatically by the fraud prevention system. In case of cheating, the player concerned loses all his holdings in GLDR, and will be banned from WAR FIELD.

The WAR FIELD team is made up of expert developers and seasoned consultants like Adalberto Bruno ( Electronic Arts), Tom Frisina ( Bally Technologies, Electronic Arts, Fantasy Park Entertainment, thatgamecompany), Dylan Sharkey (LinkedIn), Scott Shirley (professional player: HALO and Call of Duty), and Benjamin Turshana (Electronic Arts, IGN, GameSpy).

What do you think of video games using the Blockchain to allow players to win crypto-currencies? Comment in the comments section below.


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