Walmart integrates MediLedger to track pharmaceuticals

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After adopting the IBM Food Trust, Walmart , the retail giant announced its participation in the MediLedger consortium, another blockchainized platform dedicated to pharmaceuticals.

A new involvement in the Blockchain

The IBM Food Trust had allowed Walmart to control the provenance of its agricultural products from fields to sales departments.

Based on a Blockchain technology, this platform today guarantees the transparency of supermarket goods, but it only identifies leafy vegetables.

Recently, the company decided to integrate a new platform called MediLedger , based on Blockchain technology, which traces the pharmaceutical products.

Health and Wellness products are worth $ 35 billion in sales at Walmart, a reason that has prompted the company to deepen its control and transparency.

MediLedger, a different Blockchain for different products

Unlike the IBM Food Trust, MediLedger is a consortium of pharmaceutical industry players such as Pfizer , McKesson , AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal Health .

Its aim is to ensure transparency on the supply of medicines. For this year, its funding cycle has been close to $ 16 million.

On the technical side, MediLedger is supported by the Ethereum network, mounted on a modified version of the Parity client, with a special consensus called proof of authority.

On the other hand, Mediledger and Walmart plan to launch a program with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to deepen the system of digitization and verification of prescription drug supplies, at the request of the congress for the year 2023.

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