Wall: an old video comes back to haunt Donald Trump


At this moment, Donald Trump is in the middle of a fight that will certainly define his political career.

He is trying to convince the Democratic leaders to allocate a $ 5.7 billion budget to build a wall along the southern border of the United States of America.

According to the American president, nothing is more effective than a good old wall to stay safe from unwanted.

Yet, 15 years ago, Mr. Trump sang a different song.

In a speech delivered in 2004 to graduates of Wagner College in Staten Island, the businessman and reality star encouraged youth not to be stopped by the walls that might be on their way.

“Never give up. Do not allow this to happen. If you are standing in front of a cement wall, go through, go over, pass by. But you have to go to the other side of this wall. “

The boots do not follow the lips, Mr. President …

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