Vyper: the new language of Ethereum arrives!

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The new Ethereum Vyper languagewas finally released, which delighted and enthused the crypto-community, according to multiple reactions from social media. This is an alternative to Solidity for developers.

Ethereum publishes beta version of Vyper

Vyper is a general-purpose experimental programming language that comes down to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) bytecode, just like Solidity. It is designed to simplify the process that creates smart contracts that are easier to understand and more transparent for all parties involved. Vyper has fewer entry points for possible attacks.

The code that targets the EVM is critical in that it effectively executes smart contracts. Ineffective code will become prohibitive in various cases, such as micro-transactions for example.

Vyper is logically similar to Solidity and syntactically Python although it has fewer object-oriented programming paradigms.

Learning these logical and syntactic differences helps to become a qualified Vyper developer, since Vyper is still in v0.1.0-beta.1.

There are three key improvements in this release compared to others. Many concepts have been left aside to make room for simplicity , eliminating class inheritance, overloading of functions, overloading of operators and recursions.

Aim for simplicity while improving security

Despite the facilitation efforts to use Vyper, some system functions are nevertheless expressly complicated for security reasons. Various enhancements have been added to Vyper based on a developer’s comments:

“Vyper will deliberately ban some things or make them more difficult if he deems it appropriate to increase security. “

Therefore, this new language is not a final substitute for Solidity, it is used everywhere where security is a priority . For example, it may be a smart contract that deals with patient health metadata .

The reactions on social media are very encouraging. Those who have experienced Vyper seem satisfied. Many Reddit usersbelieve that developers are absolutely right to dwell on security.

A Redditor commented:

“With the disconcerting security of smart deals these days, I’m really happy that Ethereum supports a smaller language focused on ease and security. “

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