Vitalik Buterin opposes an Ethereum fork to counter ASIC chips

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Vitalik Buterin opposes the project of forcing the Ethereum blockchain to restrict the capacity of newly arrived ASIC components on the market , and that many are accusing of leading to a centralization of the network. Ethereum was originally designed to withstand these machines.

As part of Buterin’s bi – weekly developer meeting on Friday, Buterin shared comments in response to Bitmain’s launch of a new product earlier this week. The E3 Antminer was controversial and a large number of Ethereum developers came out in favor of a fork that would make the device inoperative.

A risk of split

In this session, the lead developer, Piper Merriam, went so far as to develop a technical solution to achieve this in order to keep graphics cards as the primary cryptographic mining instrument.

But Buterin suggested that the situation did not warrant the coordination needed to make such an update of the chain, and that it led to the risk of a split:

“Bringing everyone up to speed is likely to be quite chaotic and distract from more important things. So, at this stage, personally, I have a penchant significant enough to do nothing. “

In response, the Canadian-Russian argued that such efforts are probably not necessary and could divert resources away from a planned change that would completely eliminate physical blasting: the arrival of the consensus Proof- of-Stake (proof of stakes) planned for a long time.

The ceiling of the number of Ethereum: a project more and more concrete

However, community manager Hudson Jameson said that while the Ethereum community still strongly felt in favor of a fork, it could continue its efforts in this direction, regardless of the core developers.

“If the community really wants that to happen and it has a good reason to do it, we certainly can do it, but for the moment, there seems to be a consensus of the main developers to do nothing now,” he said.

During the meeting, Buterin also discussed the subject of his recent proposal to introduce a cap on the emission of ethers . Pending community approval, this could be introduced in the next network upgrade, or alongside Casper, said the developer.

Many other projects concerned by the arrival of ASIC chips have decided to take the opposite path, like the developers of Monero who announced the establishment of a fork.

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