Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum 2.0 arrives with a transaction capacity 1000 times higher!

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Like the new iPhone, the innovations of the Blockchain Ethereum are a sounding board for thousands of crypto-users around the world. Recently, Vitalik Buterin announced that the day up 2.0 Ethereum named Serenity would be available soon and it would multiply its blockchain transactions by 1000, followed by technical innovations such as increased security, and energy conservation.

Serenity, a massive upgrade

Ethereum news is always exciting regardless of their size, and for a long time platform users have been waiting for what version 2.0 could offer. To this end, the announcement of the creator Ethereum of the arrival of Serenity has had the effect of a bomb especially that the innovations promised by this upgrade are exceptional, speaking for example of a transaction speed multiplied by 1000.

In his explanations, Vitalik Buterin emphasized the importance of this update and also expressed his point of view on what should be the cryptocurrency and its current ecosystem. To this end, he said that Serenity would be “the world computer as it is supposed to be, not a smartphone of 1999 that can only handle 20 transactions per second. “

A 2.0 that changes almost everything

Cryptocurrency is a constantly evolving science, and it is not surprising that the second largest blockchain in the world (after Bitcoin) is rethinking its basic system to suit modern needs.

Also, Ethereum does not hide its errors and Buterin mentioned talking misfire concepts like Fragmentation  super – quadratic (Sharding)  or failed attempts resolution Casper.

On the other hand, he knows the expectations of users and more precisely what the blockchain of today must represent. Serenity will bring new perspectives by improving the performance of the platform but also by limiting the difficulties related to this performance, such as the move to proof of stake ( PoS ) which facilitates global participation, while reducing energy consumption.

Serenity, almost ready

Also, Serenity goes through four phases of release according to Vitalik’s release:

  • Initial version with proof of participation
  • The simplified version with limited features
  • The amplified version with communication between fragments allowing users to send funds and messages to different fragments
  • The final version with various settings and optimized features.

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