Vitalik Buterin boycotts Consensus 2018 conference organized by CoinDesk

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Vitalik Buterin , creator of Ethereum said yesterday that he would boycott the annual Consensus conference 2018 organized by CoinDesk.

CoinDesk & the “giveaway scam”

For four years, the Consensus conference has been one of the biggest players in the crypto industry. Between Kraken , Changelly , Dash , the Ethereum Alliance Company and Blockchain Capital , most of the clutches of the ecosystem are expected this year.

However, Vitalik Buterin intervened on Twitter , saying he would boycott the conference, urging the community to follow this initiative .

“I am boycotting this year’s CoinDesk Consensus Conference 2018, and I strongly encourage others to do the same. Here are my reasons: 
1. CoinDesk is unwittingly complicit in the giveaway scam. See their latest article on OMG, which offers a link to a scam giveaway (note: giveaway scam article ) »

When interviewed by Business Insider , the executive director of CoinDesk defended himself on this charge.

“We were disappointed to hear of Vitalik’s tweet about a misreporting from CoinDesk, for which we apologize. One of our reporters included an unverified link in an article, we quickly identified the error, and corrected it. ” Kevin Worth, CEO of CoinDesk

CoinDesk & the clickbait

But for Vitalik, the CoinDesk problem does not stop there. According to him, the media too often resort to sensationalist titles, close to the clickbait as for the case of the EIP 999 which was rejected the day before yesterday .

“Their coverage of EIP 999 has been disastrous. They published a very sensationalist article claiming that the channel was going to split in two, while it was very clear that EIP 999 was very far from acceptance. “

“Their reporting policies are designed to trap you. Did you know that if you send them an answer, and explicitly mention that a game is confidential, it will not be explicitly, unless you are playing a game of request / approval. “

The prohibitive price of Consensus 2018

Finally, Vitalik also challenged the excessive price to register for this conference.

“And, by the way, attending the conference costs $ 2-3k. I refuse to personally contribute to such a degree of profitability. “

As usual, Vitalik does not hesitate to give his opinion , without language, and again proves the sincerity of his involvement in the world of cryptocurrencies .


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