Video creators abandon YouTube and Facebook to go to Blockchains platforms

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Many YouTubers have lost access to videos posted on the hosting site, due to the company’s strict censorship policy. Add to that the problems of confidentiality, and the possible prohibition of advertisements related to cryptocurrency. The big names are gradually distancing themselves from Youtube. At the same time, the revelation of the Facebook Analytica scandal has raged around the world. For all these reasons, Youtubers tend to turn to Blockchain-based platforms.

Increasing number of creators are fleeing to blockchain-based platforms

Ned Scott, at the head of the social network, Steemit based on the blockchain Steem explained that:

Less centralized platforms retain more power – and potentially more privacy – in the hands of creators and users.

Scott, who operates the platform “Steemit,” in the style of Reddit and blockchain, said that the content sharing platforms, based on the blockchain offer a more “transparent” experience: “there will be no many authorities. ” 

Other video sources like DTube enjoy the restrictions imposed by Youtube. DTube runs on the Steem blockchain. Users can pay creators and commentators in digital tokens, which is a key advantage over YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The site encourages video creators to donate to those who view their creations instead of receiving advertising revenue. In addition, there is a drastically less restrictive moderation behind the proposed offer

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube get away from the responsibility of scams

While Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are gradually trying to ban advertising campaigns related to cryptocurrencies, platforms powered by the blockchain are very open to anything related to Fintech. They take responsibility for advertisements or crypto-currencies. What’s more, creators need platforms to turn to.

Video creators who are interested in crypto-currencies think that YouTube, Facebook or Twitter deprive them of notoriety.

The Steem blockchain allows users to pay creators and commentators in cryptocurrencies.

Steemit was launched two years ago and already has a million users. Nearly 600,000 accounts were registered on LBRY.

Lance Morgin, the CEO of the Blockchain Intelligence Group – a company that analyzes cryptocurrency transactions – said:

If services such as DTube and Steemit are good enough, their biggest problem could be the liquidity reserve that owns YouTube or Facebook.

What do you think about the YouTube Croupters who are interested in cryptocurrencies and are now turning to Blockchain-based platforms? What about the censorship of Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube related to crypto-currency ads? Comment in the comments section below.

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