VeChain founder refers to other automotive partnerships including BMW and Renault

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Sunny Lu, the founder of VeChain recently spoke live on YouTube about the future of this network. This cryptocurrency quickly attracted attention because of its major developments.

Sunny Lu speaks about the future of VeChain

The discussion with the founder of the virtual currency of the moment , the VeChain, started with the much-deserved praise of Internet users.

Regarding the MainNet, the new Multi Task Transactions protocol is deployed perfectly, allowing the issuance of various transactions in one.

Adoption of the platform is growing, and  VechainThor then develops considerably. Nevertheless, the VeChain is still at 1.5 transactions per second . The team needs a lot more to compete with existing centralized payment services.

Lu says that the VeVID service can verify the identities of users , which is a positive point in the short term. The founder also talked about the mobile digital wallet VeChainThor. Other partnerships with automotive companies such as BMW and Renault are likely to conclude.

The VeChain and OceanEx

OCEANEX is a crypto-trading platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the VeChainThor ecosystem . The AI ​​provides a highly liquid and secure cryptocurrency market, full quantitative trading capabilities as well as investment tools and products for a wide range of investment strategies of all kinds.

Currently in whitelist access, the project is for anyone who wants to participate in the VeChain Community Round. The minimum required participation is 50 000 TEV, or $ 799 at the time of writing this report.

What do you think of the future partnerships between VeChain, Renault and BMW? Comment in the comments section below.

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