US Justice sentences two Romanian nationals for cybercrime and cryptojacking

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Bogdan Nicolescu and Radu Miclaus have been convicted by the US courts after being tried by a federal jury. According to information from the US Department of Justice, the two criminals are guilty of stealing from the Internet malware, including cryptojacking.

21 charges

The two friends were able to take advantage of their ploys for 10 years before being arrested by the American justice.

They would have accumulated huge sums of money from malware and other fraudulent strategies to fool many Internet users.

In the end, Bodgan Nicolescu and Radu Miclaus were apprehended after raising millions of dollars.

According to the Department of Justice, they were convicted of “conspiracy to commit online fraud, conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit service marks, aggravated identity theft, conspiracy to launder money and 12 counts … “

Malware cryptojacking

Making money on the internet is becoming a trend for criminals because of the weak control capacity of the platforms.

The flaws of the web have allowed the two Romanian to send malicious emails to impersonate major financial institutions like Western Union.

Featuring a pirate software, their content allowed access to confidential data of users (codes, cards etc …).

In addition, they took advantage of this scheme to migrate to cryptojacking. Malware scattered over the internet could therefore integrate personal computers to steal information on crypto (key) data, which was then the subject of an illicit sale.

According to the information relayed by those responsible for the case, some 400,000 computers were infected.

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