UPS will launch on the roads of adorable electric trucks


UPS has unveiled new small electric delivery trucks that look like they are coming out of an episode of Pixar’s “Cars” saga.

UPS delivery trucks are the showcase of the company: these brown vehicles have a design of their own that is recognized around the world. With this brand image, the company continues its momentum with these new electric models that we could almost call too cute!

Like “Cars”, but in real

UPS designed these trucks with the manufacturer Arrival. These delivery vehicles, guaranteed zero emissions of greenhouse gases of course, are able to travel about 240 km on a single charge. The company will eventually have a fleet of 35 of these trucks futuristic look with their windshield surrounding the cabin, giving the driver a better field of vision.

In addition to their all-electric drive, these new trucks incorporate a new driver assistance system whose mission is to reduce driver fatigue. We will see these vehicles at work by the end of the year on the streets of London and Paris: if you live in the area, watch out for the street corners!

UPS and Arrival have been working together on these electric trucks since 2016. These delivery vehicles join an armada of 300 more classic electric trucks, and 700 hybrid vehicles operating in Europe and the United States. Since 2009, UPS has invested $ 750 million in alternative engines. The company also ordered 125 Semi Tesla.

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