Two men arrested in Florida after drinking beer from an alligator


Two men were recently arrested in Florida after wanting to drink beer to an alligator, whom one of them had caught with his bare hands.

Local media TC Palm, after consulting a report from the Florida Wildlife Protection Agency, is the first to report Monday this news that does not lack teeth.

The evening was already well advanced, August 26, in the city of Palm City, north of Palm Beach, when Noah Osborne, 22 years old, seized an alligator with his bare hands.

His friend Timothy Kepke, 27, then pushed the animal to bite his arm, before pouring beer into his mouth.

According to a video of the incident mentioned in the environmental agency’s report, the alligator then reacted aggressively.

The two men were arrested last Thursday by Martin County police before being released on bail.

Timothy Kepke told the police that he himself drank a few beers before sharing one with the reptile, but was not intoxicated.

He also assured that the beast had been released safe and sound in the wild.

Very numerous in Florida, the alligators regularly invite themselves in the swimming pools, or even the houses, of the inhabitants of this state of the southeastern United States.

“Although many Floridians have learned to coexist with alligators, potential conflicts persist,” warns his local animal protection agency, which advises never to feed them.

To make them drink alcohol is not a good idea either.


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