Tweets Trump: “between allies we must respect”


French President Emmanuel Macron, reacting Wednesday to the very aggressive tweets of his American counterpart Donald Trump , replied that “between allies we must respect.” “At each great moment in our history, we have been allies and allies we must respect, “he said, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, on the French TV channel TF1.

“I do not want to hear the rest, I think what French people expect of me is not to respond to tweets, but it is to focus precisely on what we continue this story important, “he added.

Barely returned from Paris, where he had celebrated peace with the other world leaders, Donald Trump strongly attacked Tuesday France and Emmanuel Macron, he quipped the “very low popularity”.

In a series of tweets, he again attacked his proposal to create a European army. The French “were beginning to learn German in Paris before the United States arrived,” he joked, in a very un-diplomatic allusion to the occupation of France by Nazi Germany until his release by the Allies.

The French president again explained his plan for a European army saying that in terms of defense Europe remained too dependent on the United States.

“The United States of America is our historical ally, it will continue to be, it is the ally with whom we take all risks, with which we conduct the most complicated operations, but be allied is not to be the vassal and therefore not to be the vassal, we must not depend on them, “he hammered.

“And so even compared to the Americans, we must spend more, we must do more ourselves, as French and as Europeans,” insisted Emmanuel Macron.

The head of state had already stressed Sunday on the US television channel CNN that this autonomy had to go through the purchase of European equipment and no longer American, what irritate a little more Donald Trump, very frightened on the commercial stakes .

Without qualifying himself tweets from his counterpart, Emmanuel Macron approved the interviewer who asked him if they were “unpleasant, inelegant”: “You said everything,” he summarized. “I think Donald Trump does American politics and I let him do American politics,” he said.

The head of state, however, wanted to put an end to the controversy by pointing out that beyond the words – “I will not start to debate with the President of the United States of America (..) by tweets, “he said – the most important thing was to fight the same bad things together.

“Today, the United States of America and France are engaged together each day in one of the most important battles, it is the fight against Islamist terrorism,” said Macron.

“Whether it’s Syria or Africa, every day our soldiers work together, risk their lives together,” he said.

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