Trump will attend the funeral of former President George HW Bush


 Donald Trump will attend the funeral of former President George HW Bush, who died at age 94 on Friday , White House reported on Saturday.

“National funerals are being organized,” said spokeswoman Sarah Sanders from Buenos Aires where the G20 leaders are meeting.

“The president has declared a day of national mourning on Wednesday, December 5. He will attend the funeral at Washington Cathedral with the First Lady, “she continued.

The 41 th president of the United States died at home in Houston, Texas. The details of his funeral have not been released at this stage.

In a book published in November 2017, the former Republican president confirmed he voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton a year earlier and not for the candidate of his party, billionaire Donald Trump.

“I do not like him. I do not know much about him, but I know he’s a boast. And I’m not very excited about having him as a leader, “Bush said in an interview in May 2016 to historian Mark Updegrove, for his book The Last Republicans .

For his part, his son and former President George W. had confirmed what his spokesman said: “I voted” none of the above proposals “for the president, and” Republican “for all other polls” that day, “he told Mr. Updegrove.

Donald Trump was not present at the funeral of Barbara Bush, wife of Bush Sr., in Texas in April. The church service was held in St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston in the presence of former Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

The White House had justified Mr. Trump’s absence by his wish to avoid causing inconvenience, but his wife Melania had made the trip.

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