Trump threatens a new “shutdown” for lack of agreement on the border


US President Donald Trump has said he is ready Sunday to provoke a new “shutdown”, paralysis of the federal government, if the Democrats did not bring their votes to its project of border security, including the construction of a wall south .

“I would be willing to close the government if the Democrats do not give us votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall,” Trump said.

We must get rid of the Lottery, Arrest and Liberation, etc. and ultimately go to a MERITE-based Immigration system! “, he continued, referring in particular to the lottery system of permanent resident status (green card). He also wants to limit family reunification.

“We need great people coming to our country!” He concluded.

Mr. Trump promulgated the federal government’s financing law on March 23, thus avoiding what would have been a third shutdown since the beginning of the year.

But this compromise elaborated by the Congress between Republicans and Democrats, which did not satisfy him so much that he threatened in extremis not to affix his signature, is valid only until September 30th.

The pretext for the proposed veto was the lack of compromise on immigration and border security in the law, including the fact that Congress did not approve the large credits it was demanding to erect a long wall in concrete on the Mexican border.

He got only 1.6 billion to build fences or renovate a few tens of kilometers away from the 25 billion he had a time claimed.

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