Trump put in check in the Senate, no imminent exit to the “shutdown”


Donald Trump’s plan to break the longest “shutdown” in American history did not pass Thursday the obstacle of the US Senate, the Democrats remain firmly opposed to the adoption of a budget to build a wall to the border with Mexico.

On the 34th day of the budget impasse, there is still no solution to get out of the paralysis of a quarter of the US federal government, 800,000 civil servants and many subcontractors.

Republicans and Democrats remained firmly on their positions. “We will not give up! On the wall, tweeted Donald Trump again before the vote. 

Republicans are the majority in the Senate, but with 53 votes out of 100, they needed Democratic votes to reach the level of 60 votes needed to pass the proposal of Donald Trump. Wasted effort.

The Republican text, based on Donald Trump’s proposal, would have financed the government until September. Above all, he included the envelope of 5.7 billion dollars for the wall, as well as a concession granted Saturday by Mr. Trump: a three-year stay for one million immigrants directly threatened with eviction.

A vote followed in the wake of a counter-proposal by the Democrats, which also failed. 

It plans to partially finance the government until 8 February.

Once out of the budget impasse, the Democrats promised to return to the negotiating table on border security, but no bargain as long as the “Americans are taken hostage,” they say.

Their text did not contain a budget for the wall, which they consider “immoral” and ineffective, but proposed an envelope to strengthen border security.

It was similar to a proposal approved by the Republican Senate in December before Donald Trump suddenly announced that he would not promulgate it. 

By relying on this point, the Democrats accuse the Republicans of being back on their decision to follow a whim of the American president. 

Opposite, Republican Senator Ted Cruz accused them of having financed wall sections in the past and strongly opposed this time simply to thwart Donald Trump’s campaign promise. “Just because you hate someone does not mean you have to block the government,” he told the Senate.

” Marie Antoinette “

Donald Trump has already lost a first duel, highly symbolic. 

The Republican President has been forced to postpone his State of the Union speech, scheduled for next Tuesday in Congress, at the request of Nancy Pelosi who had withdrawn her invitation for security issues related to “shutdown”, according to her. 

A report dramatically illustrating this unpublished budget paralysis. 

Donald Trump said Wednesday evening that he will deliver his State of the Union address, where US presidents annually expose their agenda and vision for the future of the country, but after the end of the “shutdown” , in the near future “. 

In the meantime, the effects are already real for federal employees who are unemployed or forced to work without pay when their jobs are deemed essential. 

Many, paid every two weeks, have already been deprived of a salary and seem well off to not receive the second, scheduled for Friday. 

Subcontractors also suffer and, unlike federal employees, they will not be paid retroactively.

Asked about officials forced to resort to charity for food, US Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross responded “do not really understand why” they could not get a loan guaranteed by the federal government. 

Appearing deaf to the malaise of the poor, the reaction of the multi-millionaire minister was immediately brandished by the Democrats to denounce the “cruel indifference” of the administration of Donald Trump, himself a billionaire. 

And the Democrats make an analogy with the famous sentence attributed to Marie Antoinette during the famine of 1789: “If they have no bread, they eat brioche! “

Air traffic controllers, pilots and aircrew have expressed their growing concern about air safety in the United States. 

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