Trump has not read the UN climate report yet


US President Donald Trump said Tuesday he has yet to read the UN climate experts report (Giec), calling for “rapid” and “unprecedented” transformations to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C.

“It was transmitted to me and I want to see who wrote it. What groups have written it, you know, because I can show you fabulous reports, and I can show you reports that are not so good, “he told reporters at the White House.

“But I will read it, absolutely,” he assured.

The US billionaire has not yet responded publicly to the report of 400 pages of the Giec, the summary for policymakers was released Monday.

Scientists expose the many impacts already at work, including the threat of runaway beyond 1.5 ° C warming (compared to pre-industrial levels): heat waves, extinctions of species, or destabilization of the polar ice caps, source of long-term rise of the oceans.

According to a count of researchers at Harvard University, the Trump administration has canceled or initiated the cancellation of 76 environmental laws and regulations, de facto abandoning the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by the his predecessor Barack Obama.

Donald Trump announced in June 2017 the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris agreement on climate.

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