Trump fights Trudeau on Twitter and withdraws support for joint statement at the end of G7


Rejects Summit Final Communiqué and Calls Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “Very Dishonest”

US President Donald Trump torpedoed Justin Trudeau’s summit by dismissing all the work of the G7, calling the Canadian Prime Minister “very dishonest” and “weak” in another hate on Twitter.

Justin Trudeau, however, believed he had succeeded in the impossible, by announcing at the close of the summit a joint statement written in seven hands, including that of Donald Trump.

But two hours later, the US president has denied his signature, angry with the words of the Prime Minister, who once again called the US tariffs on steel and aluminum “insulting.”

“Due to Justin’s misrepresentation at his press conference, and the fact that Canada imposes massive taxes on our American farmers, workers, and businesses, I have asked our US representatives to withdraw support for the release,” he said. he wrote on Twitter.

Mr. Trump added that he also plans to impose other tariffs in Canada, this time on “cars that flood the US market! “

“Sweet and docile”

In another tweet, the president said Trudeau was “soft and docile” in his private conversations during the summit, and then reused the term “insulting” in front of reporters, which obviously he did not like it.

Justin Trudeau’s office downplayed the matter, preferring to focus “on everything we did here at the top.”

“The Prime Minister has not said anything he has not said before, both in public and in his private conversations with the President,” said Premier Cameron’s spokesman Cameron Ahmad.

G6 +1

Mr. Trump has broken into Charlevoix, leaving behind the group of the seven most developed countries more divided than ever.

“This summit will go down in history as the moment of crystallization of a confrontation between the United States and their allies,” responded a political scientist at Laval University, Louis Bélanger.

The director of the G7 Research Group, John Kirton, believes that Donald Trump may also have been just irritated to see Justin Trudeau being the center of attention at the end of a relatively successful summit. “You can imagine, if it’s your big hit, Justin, I’ll steal it and blow it up,” says John Kirton.

The final communiqué denied by Donald Trump fights “protectionism”, and is committed to “modernizing” the World Trade Organization.

Environmental commitment

The Canadian Prime Minister also failed to get all countries into the environment, as the United States and Japan refused to sign a charter to rid the oceans of plastic. Canada will invest $ 100 million in this area.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Trudeau preferred to insist on a $ 3.8 billion commitment to help girls in war zones gain access to school.

– With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose, Parliamentary Office


Donald Trump greeted people before boarding Air Force One on Saturday morning after leaving the G7 Summit.

True to himself, Donald Trump has found a way to get all the attention at the G7. After expressing his disinterest in participating in the summit, the US president led a few bursts at Justin Trudeau, on Twitter, just hours before arriving in Charlevoix. Then, he changed his tone during his presence in La Malbaie, before again attacking the Canadian Prime Minister, after leaving Quebec on Saturday.

Around 5 pm, a few hours after leaving La Malbaie

I just left the G7 summit, in the beautiful [country of] Canada. Excellent meetings with the leaders of the six countries, especially since they know that I can not allow them to apply significant tariffs and barriers …

… to agreements with the United States. They understand perfectly where I come from. After several decades, fair and reciprocal agreements will be made!

At approximately 7 pm, after Justin Trudeau’s press conference

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acted so sweet and docile during our G7 meeting and then gave a press conference after I left and said that US tariffs are insulting and he would not let himself be rushed. It’s very dishonest and weak. Our rates are a response to its 270% tariffs on milk!

Because of Justin’s misrepresentation at his press conference, and the fact that Canada is imposing massive taxes on our farmers, workers and businesses, I have asked our US representatives to withdraw support for the press release, while we are going to look also to impose tariffs on cars that flood the US market!

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