Trump does not plan to sack the number 2 Justice, Rod Rosenstein


WASHINGTON | Donald Trump said Monday he did not intend to dismiss US Justice Department number 2, Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the Russian investigation and appeared in the hot seat after a compromising press article.

“No, I do not think about it,” he told a reporter questioning him about his intentions, before embarking with Rod Rosenstein for Florida, where the two men must meet police officials.

“We’ll talk on board the plane,” continued Trump. “I have a good relationship with him, except that there was no collusion [between Moscow and my campaign team],” the billionaire republican again.

Trump said on September 26 that he “would prefer to keep” Rod Rosenstein, whose future seemed compromised after an article published on September 21 by the New York Times.

The newspaper said Mr. Rosenstein would have suggested that the US president was incompetent and should be excluded by activating the 25 th Amendment to the US Constitution.

The number 2 of the Ministry of Justice strongly denied having made these remarks.

The president’s irritation has continued to escalate in recent months against Rosenstein, who oversees prosecutor Robert Mueller’s highly sensitive investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign team in 2016, and on a possible obstruction of justice since taking office.

The real estate magnate regularly denounces a “witch hunt” and calls for a swift end to the investigation.

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