Trump damaged Canada-US relations, believes Couillard


STOWE | Canada-US relations have been damaged by the attacks of President Donald Trump, said Philippe Couillard during a meeting with US governors in Vermont.

“From our point of view, our relationship has become more fragile. We are allies, we fought together. Recently, our children fought terrorism together. We did not expect this kind of relationship from our neighbor, “said the Prime Minister Monday at the closing briefing of the 42nd Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Premiers from Canada.

“Infantile” attacks

However, Couillard said the White House “is not the United States” and that his relations with his counterparts in New England were very good.

Connecticut Democratic Governor Dan Malloy agreed that Donald Trump’s attacks were “childish” and that when a relationship is not strengthened, it is weakened. The day before, Republican Phil Scott had argued that Mr. Trump sometimes used a language “disrespectful”.

NAFTA on the menu

Negotiations on the modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement are continuing.

Philippe Couillard said there was no question for Quebec of abandoning supply management in the agricultural sector.

Raymond Bachand, chief negotiator for Quebec on this issue, no longer fears the American threat on this issue. “The Americans are no longer asking for the abolition of supply management,” he told reporters.

“We realize in the United States that there is not a single governor or senator who has called for the end of NAFTA. There is a red line: NAFTA will continue, because the power of the Senate is very strong in commercial decisions, “he added.

He also denies that Canada is “isolated” while bilateral negotiations between Mexico and the United States have been taking place for several weeks.

“Canada is not sidelined. There is a phase of negotiations dealing with the automobile. Canada and the United States, we have the same interests. As soon as it is over, we come back to the final phase on major issues, Canada will be there. We agree with what is happening now. We are not isolated, despite what is said in the media, “said Mr. Bachand.

He believes that the “hard” US policy, along with Mexico, in the automotive field, “serves” Canadian interests.

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