Trump confirms summit with Kim after receiving his right arm in Oval Office


WASHINGTON | Donald Trump confirmed Friday his historic summit with Kim Jong Un after receiving the right to the White House, carrying a personal letter from the North Korean leader.

“We are going to meet on June 12 in Singapore,” the press said, who will be the first president of the United States to meet in person with an heir of the Kim Dynasty who has been ruling the north for 70 years. from the Korean peninsula. He was speaking only a week after canceling the summit by denouncing Pyongyang’s “hostility”.

The meeting with General Kim Yong Chol “went very well,” he added, “there was talk of ending the Korean War,” still technically in progress 65 years after the 1953 Armistice And he also felt that the number one North Korea had the intention to denuclearize his country as claimed by the United States.

In a new demonstration of spectacular détente between the two enemy countries, the American president met for nearly an hour and a half, in the Oval Office, with General Kim, presented as the “second most powerful man of North Korea “.

The latter, on the front line in preparing for the summit with his American counterpart, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, handed him a letter from Kim Jong Un. Donald Trump initially ruled that it was a “very beautiful letter” before confessing that he had not read it yet.

All smiles, he accompanied the emissary to his car, squeezing his hand several times while continuing to talk with him for several more minutes.

Sign of the importance given by Washington to his arrival, there is only one historical precedent to this interview: the visit to the White House of Vice-Marshal Jo Myong Rok, then number two of North Korea , received by President Bill Clinton in 2000.

There was also talk of a summit between the two countries, but the upturn, and the negotiations on the North Korean nuclear program, had been cut short, prompting observers today to be very cautious.

” A process ” 

“We’re going to start a process,” “we’re not going to sign something on June 12th,” “I never said it would be resolved in a meeting,” he said. But he also predicted that this dialogue would be “ultimately a successful process”.

In addition to meeting with the president of the world’s leading power, General Kim also found in Washington, for the third time in three days, Mike Pompeo after their discussions on Wednesday and Thursday in New York and their two interviews this spring in Pyongyang.

The agenda of the Singapore summit was at the heart of these negotiations between the two countries without diplomatic relations, which were still exchanged six months ago threats and invectives around nuclear ambitions North Korea.

Washington calls for a “complete, verifiable and irreversible” denuclearization of North Korea and is ready to provide guarantees for the “security” of the secluded regime, which has always considered its arsenal as a kind of life insurance.

In a new gesture of relaxation, Donald Trump on Friday rejected the term “maximum pressure” that he used so far to describe his policy with respect to North Korea, and promised that it would not impose new sanctions during the negotiations. But his administration intends to make real concessions, including the lifting of draconian sanctions imposed after the proliferation of nuclear and ballistic tests, once the country has “got rid” of its atomic bombs.

For his part, Kim Jong Un said Thursday he wants to “go to a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula”, but advocated a process “step by step.” The North Korean regime has publicly stated that it refuses “unilateral” disarmament.

The content of the letter of the North Korean number one, which could be made public after Donald Trump, will be particularly scrutinized. Will he reassure the Americans about the extent of denuclearization that the North Korean leader has undertaken?

The head of the American diplomacy in any case welcomed Thursday the “real progress” made “in the last 72 hours to meet the conditions” favorable to the holding of a summit crowned with success.

But “it’s a very, very difficult challenge” and “there’s still a lot of work to be done,” he warned.

“President Kim will have to be bold in his decisions,” said Mike Pompeo, adding, “I think President Trump and I think President Kim is the kind of leader who can take this guy.” decisions “.

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