Trump Attacks: Couillard Government Supports Trudeau


The Couillard government will stand together with Ottawa against the attacks of the American president Donald Trump on the management of the Canadian supply, promises Philippe Couillard

The Prime Minister on Monday supported the words of his federal counterpart, Justin Trudeau, who “responded with a mixture of firmness and also without verbal bidding” to the US President’s attacks against tariffs on US dairy products.

Donald Trump attacked Canadian supply management on the sidelines of his participation in the G7 summit in Charlevoix last weekend. After denying the final communiqué he had just approved, the US president wrote on Twitter that the US imposed steel and aluminum tariffs are a response to Canadian tariffs on dairy products. US.

Yet, “if there is a country that raises barriers and largely subsidizes its agriculture, like most countries elsewhere, it is the United States,” replies Philippe Couillard.

Commercial war?

In addition to the metal tariffs, the US administration is now studying the possibility of imposing tariffs on the Canadian auto sector, Donald Trump also wrote on Twitter.

So that Philippe Couillard no longer excludes the scenario of a trade war. “Mr. Trump himself, the people around him, have multiplied the statements that can be described as aggressive around the economy of Quebec, be it metals, that is the supply management in agriculture he says. For us, these are fundamental sectors of our economy, of our society. “

This verbal escalation could also undermine the renegotiation of NAFTA, which is currently underway. “The negotiation of NAFTA, it seems pretty … quiet, I’ll say it like that these days,” said Premier Couillard. With these kinds of statements, it’s hard to think that we will have a positive climate around a negotiating table. “

Unanimous motion

For his part, Finance Minister Carlos Leitao has described the US President’s treatment of Justin Trudeau as “unacceptable”. However, “Mr. Trump is not eternal,” he echoed the words of French President Emmanuel Macron.

The US President’s words also worry the PQ leader Jean-François Lisée, although Justin Trudeau promised that “if [Trump] attacks on supply management, there will be no NAFTA” Thursday latest. “That’s what Stephen Harper said, before giving in. That’s what Trudeau said before giving in to [the free trade agreement with] the Pacific, “he says.

At the Salon Bleu, elected officials voted unanimously in favor of a motion presented by Prime Minister Couillard reiterating the “full support” of the National Assembly “for the full maintenance of the supply management system and farmers who participate in it “.

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