Trudeau says he will not change his way of campaigning


The outgoing prime minister says he will not change the way he leads his campaign after being threatened.

“My priority was obviously the safety of my family and the safety of the people in the room,” Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said Sunday as he looked back on yesterday’s events.

He had to show up at a partisan rally with a bullet-proof jacket on Saturday night in suburban Toronto, and his talk on stage was delayed by almost two hours.

When he finally made his appearance, Mr. Trudeau was surrounded by a tactical security team and members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Participating in a Sunday Thanksgiving dinner in York, Ontario, Mr. Trudeau wore a casual style with rolled shirt sleeves. He was obviously not wearing a bulletproof vest.

Security personnel were always present, but kept away from the prime minister, according to a photo shared by a Global News reporter present on site.

Mr. Trudeau was careful not to blame the security threat on his opponent, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

He still took the opportunity to denounce the way he is campaigning.

“We see polarization, politics of fear, negativity and lies on the part of the Conservative Party and we will continue to demonstrate a positive contrast,” said the Liberal leader.

He was accompanied by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, who is seeking re-election in York South-Weston.

Prime Minister Sophie Gregoire Trudeau’s wife was to appear alongside Trudeau on Saturday, but his presence was canceled due to security concerns.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called for calm Sunday on the sidelines of a rally in Surrey, British Columbia.

“We can express disagreements, but it’s important to make sure that people can have different opinions without fear or feeling threatened,” he said.

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet, who was in Louiseville, made similar comments.

“I ask voters and people living in the territory to respect the fact that we are peaceful people and that it is through democracy that we resolve the issues that concern us,” he said.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer had no public activity on Sunday. However, he reacted the previous day on Twitter saying he found “upsetting” that his political opponent had to wear a bullet-proof jacket.

“Threats of violence against political leaders have no place in our democracy. Thank you to the RCMP for taking these threats seriously and protecting us, “he wrote.

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