Trudeau Announces $ 53 Million for Venezuelans


OTTAWA | Canada pledges $ 53 million in humanitarian aid to Venezuelans, victims of a political crisis that has been dragging on for months in their country. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took advantage of the opening of an emergency meeting of the Lima Group in Ottawa on Monday to announce this envelope.

 “The biggest of this money will go to trusted partners and neighboring countries to help them help Venezuela and Venezuelans,” Trudeau said in English.

Canada hosts Monday a crisis meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Lima Group, which it forms with Latin America and the Caribbean.

The group set up in August 2017 is looking at a way out of the crisis as self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido opposes outgoing President Nicolas Maduro, considered by many as a dictator.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whose country is not part of the Lima Group, is also scheduled to participate in Monday’s videoconference discussions.

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