How to accompany your young during this important period of his career?

Back to school can be a source of many concerns or emotions for a young person. What about the transition from elementary to high school?

In fact, for some young people, the arrival in the world of high school can be expected for a long time; the desire to make new friends, the desire to discover a new school program, the desire to be inside another school, the desire to mix with different teachers, etc.

However, for other young people, back to school can be a source of different concerns. For example, he might wonder about the multiple trips to be made in a larger school. He might be wondering how to deal with students older than him or more numerous. He may also be concerned about his future workload and his relationships with his new teachers.

Yes! the transition to high school is a major change in the school career of his young. This change, coveted or not, can be experienced as a challenge or a source of significant stress for him. As a parent, we can try to help our young person prepare for this new stage of life.

During this important passage, the role of the parent can be one of accompaniment. For example, it is possible that during the last school year, the teacher has already begun some preparation at this stage. Why not talk to the young person to learn a little more and to help him remember information that may be useful?
Also, as a parent, you can help his young person to research his future school by going with him on the website of the school or even the school board. You can help your child, when he asks himself many questions, by asking him to get information from someone who is already attending this school (eg neighbor, siblings of a friend, cousin, etc.). And, for a young person whose idea of ​​going to high school is a source of great concern, and this for a long time, a parent could try to identify his fears and evaluate with him if their sources are founded. In the case where they are, parents and young people could find ways together for the latter to face them at his own pace.


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