Tragedy of Humboldt: after 333 days, a player leaves the hospital


The only player still hospitalized following the tragedy that hit the Humboldt Broncos, Morgan Gobeil was able to leave the Saskatoon hospital on Monday where he spent 333 days.

A statement issued by the 19-year-old hockey family said he will begin the next phase of his re-education. After fighting for his life, Gobeil had to submit to various operations and many therapies, he was particularly touched in the brain.

“The road is long and challenging, but we believe that Morgan’s commitment and work ethic will be key to his return,” the Regina Leader newspaper said. -Post “broadcast some excerpts.

“Morgan is not yet able to speak or walk. However, we still hope that we will celebrate these successes one day, “it added.

Gobeil is one of 13 injured in an accident that decimated the Broncos team on April 6, 2018. The bus in which the club members were traveling struck a truck driven by Jaskirat Singh Sidhu in the eastern part of the city. Saskatchewan. Sidhu has pleaded guilty to 29 counts of dangerous driving and will be sentenced on March 22. The Crown requires a 10-year prison sentence.

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