Toyota recalls more than 1.6 million cars for airbag problems

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The Japanese automaker Toyota announced Thursday the recall of more than 1.6 million vehicles in the world for airbag problems, another blow after already two massive recalls since September.

In the first case, Toyota calls 1.06 million cars to the garage. Europe is particularly affected with 946 000 vehicles concerned, mainly Avensis and Corolla models, of which about 81 000 in France.

The airbag system will need to be replaced. “An internal short circuit could occur” and damage the system, says the group in an information leaflet sent to AFP.

“In some cases, the warning light may come on” and the airbag (s) and the devices that allow the seat belts to lock up during a strong impact and to prevent the occupant from projecting forward ” could be disabled. 

“In other cases, these systems could inadvertently deploy,” adds Toyota.

“These conditions are likely to increase the risk of injury or accident,” says the manufacturer who is not aware of any incident in Japan. It is not able to provide data for other countries.

Toyota also reported another recall this time on 600,000 cars, 255,000 in Europe (13,400 in France).

These vehicles, already affected by previous recalls, must have a new passenger side airbag inflator installed. 

The current system, produced by Takata, “presents a risk of abnormal deployment in the event of an accident”. This Japanese equipment manufacturer went bankrupt in June 2017 because of its defective safety cushions, responsible for about twenty deaths worldwide and a hundred million reminders by different manufacturers.

Toyota is a regular recalls, preferring to be cautious after unanticipated acceleration problems that appeared in 2009-2010 in the United States.

But his image could be tarnished by the recent series. In early September, the Nagoya area giant warned more than one million hybrid vehicle owners of a possible fire hazard.

A month later, he was recalling 2.43 million cars, again Prius, one of its flagship ranges operating with dual technology gasoline-electric.

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