Tortillas that ignite themselves in Texas


Tortillas were a big surprise for firefighters in the city of Austin, Texas, when they suddenly caught fire last week in the yard of a factory.

Firefighters were called to put out a fire that had started, unexplained, in boxes stored in the yard of a tortilla factory. According to CNN, the boxes in question contained powdered tortilla scrap. The company then wanted to burn the boxes, which had previously been soaked with oil.

“The plant in question was trying a new method to dispose of its waste and which, it must be said, did not work as expected,” commented on his Facebook page the Austin Fire Department.

According to firefighters, the heat caused spontaneous combustion of the boxes, that is to say that they caught fire without having been inflamed. According to a statement posted on the Austin fire department’s Facebook page, several other boxes containing tortilla powder also caught fire while firefighters were on site to contain the fire.

Far from finishing with the tortillas, the firefighters had to return to the scene three days later, since boxes had started to catch fire again. The sappers finally watered the boxes of rubbish until they soggy, to avoid having to move again for the same reason.

The company did not suffer any damage, according to firefighters, since the fire was contained in the outdoor courtyard.

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