To live in good health, laugh!


Professor Gilbert Deray traces the benefits of laughter in the prevention and healing of pathologies as serious as diabetes or cancer.

We can escape his genetic destiny! This is what Dr. Gilbert Deray writes and demonstrates in a fascinating book * about scientifically proven ways to age in good health. The head of the nephrology department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris reminds us that our way of life and our environment play a much greater role than our genes, which account for only 25% of our health.  Everything is possible thanks to epigenetics.

The author details the decisive role, on the prevention and the cure of the diseases, of behaviors as ordinary as the reading, the listening of the music, the physical exercise (moderated) or the food. And he insists on the benefits of laughter.

Laughter is not a grunt sound produced to answer more or less dubious jokes, notes the doctor. It is a major player in our health and a factor of integration, pure product of the evolution of species. However, if “music is noble, laughter is at best sympathetic,” he regrets. For him, taking charge of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, myocardial infarction or diabetes by adding laughter within the prescription is a necessity. Moreover, he explains to his patients that it is vital to find the laugh again. To convince them, he shows them the cerebral MRI of a person who laughs, “a firework”, and another of a man who does not laugh, “total darkness”.

“Hormonal circle and virtuous immunity”

Professor Deray explains the origin of these benefits. First on the genes. According to the work of a Japanese team, fifteen genes whose expression is activated by laughter are also involved in the immune response. Others are in the cell cycle, so the risk of cancer, and in the intellectual functions. “This change in our epigenetic state leads to a virtuous circle of hormones and immunity,” reads. Moreover, in patients operated for cancer, the practice of laughter increases the number of certain white blood cells, killer T cells, which protect us against tumors and infections. Another example: the rate of Antibodies in breast milk are higher in women who received 60-minute laugh sessions twice a week for two weeks after delivery than in others. As a result, their babies are better protected against infections and allergies.

Laughter therefore acts at different levels in the mechanisms of disease control and aging. This is why the author considers it urgent that we reconsider his place in our life. This is already the case of the French Federation of Cardiology and the American Heart Association, which specify that “laughter helps you keep your heart healthy.” Other institutions, such as the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester ( United States ), have integrated laughter into the medical care of patients. «In France , in Europe, laughter as a therapeutic instrument lacks consideration outside clown therapists for hospitalized children, “notes the specialist, who insists on the need to change things. Will it be taken seriously? We must wish it.

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