Tips to avoid the negative effects of Blue Light


Here are some recommendations regarding exposure to blue light . 
Children have faster and longer access to screens: television, tablet, mobile phone .. 
And adults tend to increase their exposure to blue light.

Here are three important recommendations:
– A digital curfew: no screens at least an hour before going to sleep
– Total darkness to sleep (without lights or night lights)
– The duration of exposure to natural light is a important factor in limiting the impact of exposure to screens in the evening

Some simple tips:
– No screens before age 3 and no more than one hour per day before age 12, children’s eyes not being able to protect the eye as in adults,
– Exposing at least one hour to natural light every day
– Wear sunglasses in good weather, the largest source of blue light remains the sun
– Do not look at screens in the dark
– Every 20 minutes, look up from the screens for 20 seconds and set a point at 6 meters
– Do not look directly at the light sources and do not approach them at less than 30cm

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