Despite our good intentions and those of our children, the homework period can quickly become difficult.

If this happens to you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Is my child’s place and workspace for homework adequate?

– Have I made an effort to adapt to my child’s needs and habits?

– Is the timing of homework a good time?

– Does my child have the necessary tools to do his homework? For example, the books he needs, a pencil case, a diary, and so on.

– Is it well organized? For example, does my child know where to start, and how much time to devote to his lessons?

– Does my attitude favor the autonomy of my child? For example, did we have an agreement related to the homework period? Consequences if he chooses not to respect this agreement?

– Has my child had enough guidance and guidance to be able to plan his / her homework period?

– Do I make sure my child does his homework in a healthy climate? For example, by strengthening one’s good moves and efforts, having a positive attitude as a parent to homework and school in general, etc.


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