Timmins city councillor arrested, charged with corruption


Timmins city councillor arrested, charged with corruption

A Timmins city councillor has been arrested for a corruption related offence.

In a media release issued on Friday, the Sault Police Service said officers arrested Rick Dubeau on Thursday. Dubeau has been charged with one count of corruption of a municipal official.

Back on September 7, the Timmins Police Service asked the Sault Police Service to conduct an investigation involving allegations against the 54-year-old.

“Sault Ste. Marie police were asked to assist with this investigation due to Mr. Dubeau’s position on municipal council, so that we could maintain our transparency and objectivity in relation to this investigation,” said Kate Cantin, Timmins Police Service communications coordinator.

“It’s alleged that the accused approached a local business in Timmins and solicited a sales transaction that would benefit him personally in exchange for services from him as a municipal city councilor,” added Constable Sonny Spina, Sault Police Service.

Police allege the incident took place on august 25th, 2017.

When contacted by CTV, Dubeau declared his innocence.

“All I will say is that I am innocent of the charge and look forward to proving it in court,” he said.

Timmins Mayor Steve Black said city council is aware of the charge, and he said there is no reason to remove Dubeau from his seat.

“At this time, nothing will happen to the position on council,” said Black.

“Under provincial law this isn’t one of the reasons why someone would have to step down from council.  Unless councilor Dubeau informs us otherwise, there will be no change in that at this time.”

Dubeau is scheduled to appear in court in Timmins on November 7.

City officials told CTV they will not be making any further public comments on the matter, other than to say they’ll work together to ensure smooth operation of all public business.

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