Tim Draper: “Bitcoin is better than gold”

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Draper Associates’ founder, Dra Draper, argues that Bitcoin (BTC) will be a pool of common value very soon, as it is better than gold in this respect.

Bitcoin, the new shared value pool

Draper recently argued that Bitcoin is tracking gold as a store of value.

According to his predictions, Bitcoin would be the only reference reserve when its real price becomes stable.

The timing is good for Draper, as Bitcoin has reached a key resistance level of $ 5,000 and seems determined to move forward.

Recall that Tim Draper had bet on the revival of Bitcoin and that its price would reach $ 250,000 by 2022 .

Today, statistics show that the number 1 cryptocurrency is gaining investors’ attention, while more and more people are considering it as a means of payment and, at the same time, a store of value.

Altcoins will play an important role

A partisan supporter of Bitcoin for many years, Draper himself is a major holder of this asset.

However, he always thought that Bitcoin and the best altcoins such as Ethereum are already well established and will bring positive changes to the world.

According to him, the cryptocurrency revolution is imminent. Also Bitcoin will certainly play a key role in the economic ecosystem by becoming the first crypto-active replacing gold as a store of value.

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