Ticwatch is back on Kickstarter, this time with Android Wear 2.0

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Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E might precisely be what the world has been waiting for: from their design and specs all the way to their price tags.

If you know the Tic brand, the chances are, you’ve probably heard of the Ticwatch 2, the company’s first Kickstarter campaign dating back to 2016. Boasting almost 10,000 backers, it proved to be a huge success, but of course, there’s always room for further improvement. While the Ticwatch Active and Classic offered stunning looks and advanced specs, users weren’t perfectly content with their IP65 rating nor the company’s proprietary Ticwear OS. Well, we spoke, and they listened: the all new Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E are built on user feedback, and I have to say, they might be the best Android Wear-powered smartwatches out there right now.

The biggest difference, of course, is the OS. Ticwear OS is now gone, replaced by Android Wear 2.0, meaning whether you buy the regular “Express” watch or its sportier cousin, you will have access to a myriad of Play Store apps as well as essential Google services like Google Assistant and Google Fit. They also come with a built-in speaker and mic so that they can handle stand-alone apps: yes, you can even take calls through them if you prefer.

The company says that the built-in GPS inside the Ticwatch S & E has been improved significantly – three times more accurate with faster satellite positioning.

The company says that the built-in GPS inside the Ticwatch S & E has been improved significantly – three times more accurate with faster satellite positioning – and the Ticwatch S, in particular, has GPS antenna integrated right into the watch band, “enabling superior GPS accuracy.” Both watches now boast IP67 rating for water- and dust-resistance, and combine that with the usual array of features we’ve come to expect from smartwatches, like step-tracking and heartrate-monitoring, you now have more freedom and flexibility when working out.

The Ticwatch Sport is slightly larger in terms of size at 45mm compared to 44mm on the Express and weighs a bit more too. Both come with a 1.4-inch OLED display of 400 x 400 resolution, protected by anti-scratch glass. They’re powered by MediaTek MT2601 dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, and a 300 mAh battery. Not surprisingly, they support wireless charging and are equipped with pretty much every sensor you’d need: proximity sensor, accelerometer, as well as a gyroscope.

Early Bird Offer for the Ticwatch E starts at just $119, estimated to be delivered in November, and as for the sportier version, it’ll set you back $139. Tic is also offering full set deals, which come with Ticpods, the company’s Bluetooth headphones that can play 6 hours of music on a single charge, so be sure to check out the reward chart on their Kickstarter page for more information. Hurry though, the watches are selling like hotcakes at the moment, with over 1,500 backers in just a matter of minutes!

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