Three Google alumni create the xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA)

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While blockchain technology has just emerged, three former employees of Google create an alliance seeking to bring together the members of the firm to develop it.

Named xGoogler Blockchain Alliance The idea for this community was born on the initiative of three former Google employees who have become key figures in the technology industry. Chinese origin, Hitters Xu, Daniel Wang and Andy Tian have each embarked on an incredible career, first at Google in the United States but especially in China through successful projects.

The first was one of the founders of Antshares, now NEO , but he is also the former director of Ant Financial Alibaba group , allowing access to micro credit to over a billion Chinese. The second, Daniel Wang, is the founder of Loopring, a company with a capitalization of more than $ 300 million . And finally, Andy Tian was responsible for the Giftoy blockchain project, but he is also the one who introduced Android to China . Although this quick summary already shows the extent of their career, the list is long and can be found on the official website of the GBA .

Thus, its creators want to allow members of Google or its former members to participate in the building of an elite community that will promote the assistance of its members in the creation of blockchain projects . To be sure of the interests and objectives of the contenders, it is necessary to fill out a form .

Decentralized by the technology at stake but centralized by its members, the GBA is certainly not a crypto community dreamed by Satoshi Nakamoto . Nevertheless, if this idea can contribute to the development of blockchains, why not?

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