Three deaths, including one child, in accident in Ontario


Three people, including a 9-year-old child, were killed Friday in a head-on collision between an SUV and a truck in Bradford, north of Toronto.

The accident occurred in the late afternoon, around 4:30 pm, when, for some unknown reason, the SUV and the truck were hit hard.

The violence of the impact left no chance for the occupants of the SUV. A photo shared by police in South Simcoe shows that the front half of the vehicle was nothing more than a heap of twisted metal following the collision.

The deaths of the two adults in the vehicle, a 37-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman, were reported on the scene, police said.

For her part, the 9-year-old was rushed to a hospital in the area where her death was reported.

The truck driver was treated on the spot and did not have to be taken to the hospital.

Police opened an investigation to try to determine the causes that led to this tragic accident.

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