Thieves of hallucinogenic toads wanted


Arizona police officers are actively looking for suspects who stole hallucinogenic toads late last week.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was charged with the investigation after several people were filmed stealing Incilius alvarius from the Sonoran Desert.

Equipped with water bottles, flashlights and bags, the perpetrators acted Friday night in the protected area of ​​Spur Cross.

Amphibians in this region are particularly sought after for their psychotropic virtue.

Their skin indeed secretes a derivative of serotonin, a kind of hallucinogenic drug.

According to a biologist interviewed by ABC 15, fashion would be “Toad Licking” to ingest the drug faster.

“The toads of the Sonoran Desert are favored by these people because they have the strongest secretions of drugs,” said Randy Babb.

“They are also the biggest in the region because they can weigh up to two pounds and live for 20 years.”

The skin of these animals is therefore particularly sought after to be ingested or smoked.

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