The University of Ontario French wants a francophone network with the University of Hearst

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The University of Ontario in France has begun negotiations with the University of Hearst to create a francophone university network across the province.

The University of Ontario is entering into a strategic partnership with the only French-language university in Ontario, the University of Hearst , said the UFO Tuesday in a press release.

From the beginning of the UOF, the University of Hearst had clearly indicated its intention to collaborate on this project , adds Luc Bussières, rector of the University of Hearst. Today, we confirm our interest in joining forces of our two institutions to optimize our respective performances in providing university services to Ontario’s Francophone .

The Planning Council Report for a French-language university, published in 2017, recommended partnerships with Ryerson and Ottawa universities.

The University of Hearst has three campuses in Northern Ontario, but operates under the University Charter of Laurentian University.

In contrast, the UOF has its own university charter but does not yet have a physical facility.

The University of Hearst is the only university [in Ontario] that has governance by and for [francophones] , says Dyane Adam at the mic of the North Morning. But she is not autonomous.

We will continue to work together to have the two universities become one network – or participate in the same network – to deploy the UOF province-wide as mandated in the law that created the University. .

The Executive Director of the Regroupement étudiant franco-ontarien is pleased with this announcement.

We will continue to work with the University of Ontario in France so that it can be deployed at the provincial level , “said François Hastir. This was the desire expressed by the French-speaking population during the post-secondary general affairs forum in French in Ontario.

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