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The research team of Weiss Crytocurrency Ratings , a company that provides research, data and information to investors and traders around the world, recently considered the potential of Bitcoin in a downward cycle. The company believes that the current price decrease offers an opportunity for crypto-traders to massively buy Bitcoin, which is poised to become bullish for next year.

The least speculative investment

Bitcoin has just risen slightly this week and is currently trading at $ 3,520. Given its inability to maintain momentum beyond this threshold, its recovery can not yet be asserted, at least for the moment.

Despite the mixed announcements of Weiss Crytocurrency Ratings on Bitcoin in the past, the company said that Cryptocurrency number 1 will continue and that falling prices are the best opportunity to massively buy Bitcoin.

“This is the least speculative investment a person can make in the crypto sphere,” she says.


This recommendation diverges from the official Bitcoin estimates published by the company at the beginning of the year, giving it an average rating of C + .

In September, analysts predicted the loss of half of the Bitcoin market to Ethereum by 2023.

Possible increases for next year

The launch of Bakkt, in January, a digital asset exchange for institutional investors, could become the main trigger of an upward trend expected next year, according to Weiss analysts led by the famous DLT engineer, Bruce Ng.

By making the process transparent and creating more confidence in the market, the crypto-market will be more attractive to the point of attracting more institutions and investors. This will help create a multi-billion dollar global market at an unprecedented level.

Moreover, in an interview, Juan Villaverde, a member of Crypto Ratings and Weiss’s price prediction model, has just said that Bitcoin will show an increase in 2019 given the unbridled adoption of cryptocurrency. this year.

What do you think of Weiss’s recommendation? Are you ready to buy Bitcoin today? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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