The message of this Anglo-Ontarian in support of his fellow francophones becomes viral in Ontario

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Since the announcement of cuts to services to Francophones by the Ontario provincial government, the resistance of Franco-Ontarians is getting organized. And through the wave of mobilization, some English-speaking voices rose to denounce the treatment reserved for the French-speaking minority.

This is the case of this message, written by a netizen on Tuesday, which affected hundreds of residents of the province.

When Tyler Andrews, an Ontarian from Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa, posted the following few lines on Facebook on Tuesday, he certainly did not expect such a positive response.

Speaking to anglophones first, he writes: “It is sad and frankly disgusting to see that francophobia is alive and well in Ontario. Now more than ever, it is important that we, the anglophones, show solidarity with the Franco-Ontarian minority. We should be proud to be from a diverse province that actively encourages Canada’s two official languages ​​to flourish. “

Sad, and frankly disgusting, to see francophobia alive and well in Ontario. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us…

Posted by Tyler Andrews on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Mr. Andrews concludes his message with a message to Francophones in his province: 

“Francophones have a role here too. When you speak with an Anglo, it’s all too easy to change into English. Have difficult conversations in their second language. They’re going to look for words, they’re going to make a lot of mistakes (even me, maybe, here!) […] It will give us a chance to realize that you exist around us, all across the province. “

For Tyler Andrews, it was important to also speak to Francophones. “We do not know that our neighbors or our friends are Franco-Ontarians because we are used to always using English as a lingua franca . We have to change that! “

Positive reactions

The publication, along with a photo of the illuminated CN tower in the colors of Franco-Ontarians, was shared more than 1,000 times on Thursday. “Thanks … as bilingual, I find it sad that some Anglos do not always recognize the importance of French in Ontario and Canada. Thanks for the support! “Writes one user. 

“One can not eliminate one community without hurting the other. We like to hate ourselves, but deep down, we are complementary, “writes another.

Tyler Andrews says he is surprised and very happy about the reaction of the mostly French-speaking people. “But I also have positive comments from colleagues in Toronto and Ottawa, and even from American friends who are interested in the subject.”

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