The mainstream media are skewed and discourage investment in crypto-currencies

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According to research on the cryptocurrency industry and the frequency of news content related to the industry, over the past five years, some media are significantly more biased than others. It seems that the overall feeling about bitcoins and altcoins has deteriorated.

A media frenzy on the downward trend of crypto-currencies

News relayed by the media around Bitcoin is increasingly negative, correlated with falling prices. The headlines themselves are behind the downward trend in crypto-assets. All the more reason, world chroniclers announce the end of Bitcoin and are delighted by criticism and reproach towards Cryptocurrency No. 1.

Over the last two months, the major financial media have seen a slowdown in the volatility of the global cryptocurrency market.

Meanwhile, news about the split Bitcoin Cash (BCH) have rocked news sites, and this when the market began its fierce downfall.

Young people love Bitcoin more

7,527 Blockchain articles were reviewed by research firm Clovr. The general feeling of each article was evaluated with an algorithm.

Previously, the industry received minimal attention. However, the fall in prices has attracted considerable interest from the media. The “frenzy in the press” really started after the market slowdown around January 2018.

“In the wake of the fall in market capitalization of Bitcoin in the last days of 2017, the negative articles have multiplied, with crypto-currencies down 34% in the first month of 2018,” note the researchers.

While the media aimed at a young audience are favorable to the digital currencies sector, those targeting the older ones further sublimate the sector’s negative setback.

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