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Turkey joins global educators of Blockchain technology with new university center“The Istanbul Blockchain and Innovation Center”. Especially since one Turk on 5 has already invested in a cryptocurrency, the initiative has almost become an emergency.

Leverage Blockchain technology

The Istanbul Blockchain Innovation Center or “BlockchainIst Center” has been inaugurated on Friday, August 3, 2018 at Bahçeşsehir University (BAU) in the largest Turkish city. The goal of the academic institution is to fill the need for market expertise to promote the use of the Blockchain while providing a database on cryptocurrencies. It should provide secure tracking of digital transactions.

Bora Erdamar, director of the Center BlockchainIst believes the university should be “the most important center for research, development and innovation in Turkey in which scientific studies and publications are made in Blockchain type technologies. “

The Turkish government would also have the chance to become a leading country in technology that will “transform humanity” . Cooperation with other educational institutions, enterprises and government authorities is essential as research is conducted in an appropriate manner.

“It is essential to cooperate with other universities, business and government institutions,” added Erdamar.

Join the wave of global Blockchain technology educators

Several universities around the world have already benefited from the benefits provided by the large distributed registry.

Stanford University created the Center for Blockchain Research earlier this year. The Ethereum Foundation supports this innovative effort. Fundação Getúlio Vargas, a prestigious Brazilian university, has begun offering the first master in Crypto-finance in the country.

Ripple has donated a generous $ 50 million to 17 universities around the world as part of a targeted awareness campaign on blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Knowing that such efforts are being carried out by many entities around the world, Turkey is entitled to mobilize.

“We will strive to train Turkey’s human resources in [the sector] Blockchain, and enable the country to lead the world in this area,” Erdamar concluded at the inauguration.

Although the director of the BlockchainIst Center is enthusiastic about Turkey being able to digitize and make efforts in this direction to compete with the rest of the world, the Turkish authorities are skeptical about the cryptographic market. currencies.

Bitcoin is “incompatible” with Islam according to lawmakers in the nation’s religious affairs branch in November 2017. Nevertheless, the vice-president of the Nationalist Party of Turkey has proposed the establishment of a regulation of the industry and the possibility of a state-owned digital currency called TurkCoin.

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