The IEO of the CMA project on IDAX probably an opportunity not to be missed

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The CMA project is building an ecosystem for a new era of decentralized markets (CMA) is the first product of a whole series. This is a new marketplace that wants to solve all advertising and marketing problems for the cryptocurrency sector by connecting publishers (influencers, social media, marketing agencies, etc.) and advertisers (cryptocurrency companies) in one place (the marketplace is already running and has received more than 600 offers in just 7 weeks after launch). In addition, it will help crypto companies promote their decentralized markets that they will build using other CMA products.

In order to create a decentralized ecosystem for marketplaces, the CMA project will develop additional new products: a new blockchain dedicated to marketplaces (“internet of goods and services” to allow any market place its business on the blockchain), a platform for make ICOs (to allow everyone to get funding), a visual builder drag & drop (to allow anyone to build their own decentralized market).

The choice of the IEO

CMA is also the first IEO to take place in a decentralized way. Indeed, the IEO will be held on IDAX and at least 6 crypto-senior stock exchanges gradually and, once completed, it will be side by side on at least 8 crypto-bourses.

Thanks to the IEO on IDAX, you can participate easily after a simple registration on it.

On June 5th at 13:00 (UTC + 8), IDAX will provide the CMA token (CryptoMarketAds) as part of an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). With special conditions for participating users: up to 28% bonus in the first round.

The CMA project has 160 288 000 CMA tokens (CryptoMarketAds) available to IDAX users during the IEO.

See the official announcement .

About IDAX

IDAX is an international exchange platform from the Global Blockchain Research Center ( GBC ). IDAX was founded in 2017, and in the space of a few months, it has placed in the Top 10 crypto-purses according to the Coinmarketcap.

After the launch of the Foundation in January 2019, IDAX raised more than $ 10 million from private investors and now offers IDAX users the opportunity to support the CMA project by purchasing CMA tokens (CryptoMarketAds).

Over the past year, many Blockchain projects have organized so-called public unsolder token sales on a public crypto-purse, which has increased the risk of fraud and security concerns. As one of the world’s leading crypto-stock exchanges, IDAX values ​​each user and uses different ways to create value for investment for users, such as selecting promising projects and helping users to participate in the IEOs, by providing now its relationship with users in a long-term perspective.

About CMA

Based on billions of dollars worth of global markets, CryptoMarketAds (CMA) welcomes markets and users around the world who can become nodes of the CMA blockchain retaining CMA tokens for PoS. in a close future. In collaboration with all the nodes of the entire network, CMA will form a specialized blockchain only for marketplaces, to ensure a high number of transaction checks, characterized by a globally distributed capacity, always active , never offline, fault-tolerant, safe and scalable.

The CMA project helps any market, from the small local market to the big one like to put their business on the CMA blockchain. At the same time, the nodes will receive corresponding CMA corners depending on its contribution to the stability of the entire network. The total amount of CMA is limited and a portion of CMA will be destroyed during the operating process, giving it a strong momentum of intrinsic value growth.

Thus, anyone, and anywhere in the world, will build their own marketplaces using the visual tool: a visual tool for the creation of decentralized markets.

After setting up their own marketplace, people will raise funds with CMAs for their new platform.

For advertising and marketing on, people will use the market to raise money for their new market and get new users. Publishers will block up to 5 million tokens to get 50% off fees. (1000 publishers = 5 billion locked tokens, high rarity)

By December 2019, CMA will expand into new areas including Asia, Europe and America.

By June 2020, the TestNet of the new blockchain will be launched.

By October 2020, CMA will launch a new blockchain and replace the CMA token with its own cryptocurrency on its unique blockchain.

This ecosystem will make CMA a rare and highly specialized utility token. The marketplace could thus attract many traders, contributors and hodler.

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