The Hells complains of being accused of bad faith


He sued the authorities, a former prosecutor and an informer for illegal detention

The Hells Angel Christian Menard, photographed here at the Gouin Judicial Center, in August 2015, just before the start of the SharQc mega-trial.

Claiming to have been incarcerated “illegally” for 17 months, a Sherbrooke Hells Angel, who has been cleared of all charges, is demanding $ 3 million from the authorities, a former prosecutor and an informer.

Christian Ménard “argues that the charges against him, which were eventually dropped by the Crown more than six years later, were introduced and maintained in bad faith, for a motive other than that of the application of the law, that of annihilating the Hells Angels … “, reads in the lawsuit filed last Thursday at the courthouse in Montreal and which The Journal had copy.

Coincidence or simple calculation, the amount that Christian Ménard wants to get compensation is very similar to that received by the informer Sylvain Boulanger to incriminate his former biker brothers.

The 40-year-old is jointly and severally seeking $ 3 million from the Attorney General of Quebec – representing the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) and the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) – to former Crown Attorney Me Madeleine Giauque and the repentant biker Sylvain Boulanger.

Boulanger was awarded $ 2.9 million and immunity for his crimes in exchange for his collaboration with the Sûreté du Québec in Operation SharQc, which hit the Hells Angels hard in 2009.

Given the failure of the mega-trials in 2015, Quebec’s best-paid informer did not have to testify, however, and his allegations could not be tested by defense lawyers.

Accused of murder

Member of the Sherbrooke chapter since 2005, Christian Ménard was arrested during the police raid on April 15, 2009.

He was charged with conspiracy for murder, conspiracy to smuggle drugs, drug trafficking, gangsterism and premeditated murder of Robert Léger.

Charges that were all withdrawn in the following years, after court decisions or at the request of the DPCP.

Held until October 2010, Ménard was subsequently released under numerous conditions, which he had to respect for five years, alleging the lawsuit.

The one who now works as a fitness coach says that “his incarceration and conditions have affected every facet of his life, both economically and socially.”

Reputation “tainted”

The rider claims that his reputation has been “undeniably tainted” and that “his name is still attached to a murder, and that will follow him all his life”.

In his statements to the SQ police, the informer Sylvain Boulanger allegedly implicated Christian Ménard in the killing of Bandidos Robert Léger, which occurred in August 2001, at the end of the biker war.

According to the prosecution, the investigators had in their possession contradictory information stating that Ménard had been seen in Ontario on the day of the murder.

“The Claimant has always claimed his innocence, refusing several offers of settlement, preferring to be acquitted by the court,” said the request.

Christian Ménard’s lawyers did not call Le Journal yesterday.

The Department of Justice and Madeleine Giauque, now head of the Independent Investigations Bureau, declined to comment on the lawsuit. The Journal could not reach Sylvain Boulanger.


May 2018

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