The Cure is You


Simple, right? For most of the population, not really. But! because of this loaded devise full of everything you need to succeed, is right in front of you. YOU CAN CURE YOURSELF!!

YOU can change your LIFESTYLE and get rewarded with HEALTH & HAPPINESS! YOU choose what’s more important. YOU CONTROL YOUR EVERY MOVE, THOUGHTS & ENERGY! YOUR THE LEADER OF YOUR JOURNEY!!

Our body is the most incredible complex machine. OUR BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF! And guess what, if you don’t feel good, YOU need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Did I take care of my one and only instrument who determined my entire life?” If no, don’t be to hard on yourself. This world sure doesn’t focus on simple health but more on putting energy on  naming the illness and how to manage it. Not how to cure it and prevent it.

So where to start? I say, by sitting down and write what makes you happy. Keep that list close for those moments when old habits wants to take action. If food is on your list, don’t worry. Real food taste good. There’s even healthy sugars. Preparing your own food could bring your family closer because food is a art, a science lab, a biology class. You can search healthy recipes or you can create your own. You can look up what spices is good to prevent cold and flue or what healthy alternative, example “white sugar”, can you use in old recipes. I always say, if there’s a will there’s a way. So before saying, I have no time to cook, remember what’s more important for your happiness. Food that makes you sick because it’s easier today or food full of nutrients that will nourish your body. Your body that you need for your every moments of your life. You really need to figure out what’s more important. Changing your lifestyle will be a challenge but also be the most rewarding challenge of your life!

We are all unique. What I like, you may not. What works for me, may not work for you. Since YOU have the internet, YOU can search everything from A to Z. All info and examples is right at the touch of your fingers. So let’s start. You need to know what YOUR body needs. I’ve research for myself and this is my list.


I need a routine in the morning that will set me off to a healthy happy day. Water with a Cannabinoids supplement for my Endocannabinoid System. Outside time with my furry babies wakes me up. Yoga or tai chi to help control my mind and to circulate the energy. Hot lemon water for numerous reason. Superfood, eggs cooked in butter. Give myself a little encouragement self talk in the mirror. Ya, I’m the leader! Work somewhere I love. Lunch is a shake, that consist of the rainbow of organic fruits and vegetables I like plus homemade almond milk. Peanut butter sandwich on flaxseeds & old grain bread. Lots of ionize water throughout the day to keep me young. Organic green tea with real untouched honey from around the area or blueberry tea with maple syrup, yummy, keeps me going all day like a bee. Supper with vegetables of every colour plus fish or meat that was raised on grain and no antibiotics. Adding spice cut fresh from the plants in my kitchen window. A nice walk and then couch cuddles with my little family. Shower with organic soap to take off all toxic of the day. 8 to 7 hours of straight sleep. I’ve made this lifestyle after researching for myself what I needed to do to get healthy and happy. I have great success and now when I don’t feel good, I know its because I did something wrong.

Here’s some little tricks that help me along the way. Researching google in image search minimized my search. Hypnosis from YouTube help me quit cigarette. Self talk to control the negative thoughts plus sometime I call on my angels to help me get back my mind to positive. Knowing my goals and sticking to it. Remembering that just because I’m alone on this health journey doesn’t mean others around me won’t be learning from seeing all the positive changes I’ll shine around with me.

YOUR the CONTROLLER of your MIND and BODY. YOU can decide now to sit, research and write down a routine for your healthy happy lifestyle. Or, you can go back at your regular routine where you don’t feel good and visits to the doctors to find you a magic pill that do not exist. I vote for you to do the homework and charge full blast for the project of your life. You will not regret it.

From the Happy Lady, who’s mission is to help you find your happy, healthy self!

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